“David exemplifies the marriage of listening to his clients’ wants and needs and infusing his own creativity and vision. I would highly recommend Township Design for any homeowner that wants their outdoor space to become an extension of their home.”

Robert Davis

“I really cannot say enough good things about David. I really appreciate finding a company and person that is upfront, honest and with a willingness to go above and beyond. The designs he provided us are amazing and he was able to take many things into consideration as well as suggesting additional information or feedback that we didn’t think of.”

Bill Parkins

Our experience working with David surpassed all our expectations. His process was seamless, respectful of our time, and executed to perfection. His level of professionalism and quality communication was exceptional. We never felt “lost in the process,” and most important – he created a design that met all of our needs and desires.”

Becky Smith

Artistic Design Associates

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